Billy Taggart was a supporting character in Jeepers Creepers 2. He was the son of Jack Taggart Sr. and

Billy Taggart
Billy T
Gender: Male
Age: Younger Teenager
Status: Deceased
Relatives: Jack_Taggart_Sr. Jack_"Jacky"_Taggart_Jr.
Actor: Shaun Fleming
First appearance: Jeepers Creepers 2
younger brother of Jack Jr.

Jeepers Creepers 2

While setting up scarecrows throughout the field, Billy noticed one of the Scarecrows suddenly move its head. Billy backed away in fear and began running toward the farm house. The scarecrow was actually the Creeper and it jumped into the air and tackled Billy. His cries were heard by his brother and father.

The Creeper dragging Billy

Weilding a shotgun Jack Sr. pursued The Creeper in an attempt to rescue his son. After a harrowing chase, the Creeper flew off in the air, taking Billy away from his family. 

Billy later appear alongide Darry Jenner in a dream/vision to warn Minxie Hayes (who is among the students on the school bus) of The Creeper's presence. 

Billy's death was the motive for Jack Sr to construct a harpoon and relentlessly pursue the Creeper in a tense act of revenge. 


  • It's not known what the Creeper took from Billy, but his head wound in the dream suggests it was a part of his brain. Billy was taken to the Creeper's new lair and was possibly hung on the wall like all the other corpses along with Darry Jenner from the first movie.