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Dan firing at the Creeper

Sheriff Dan Tashtego, is one of the main protagonists in the film Jeepers Creepers 3. He is the Poho County sheriff. He worked with a group of law enforcement that are trying to take down the Creeper for killing their family members, Tashkent team was discovering the creepers truck and a office got his arm pinned, Tashtego yelled at Davis that what happened here happened before. Meanwhile his team went to Gaylen's house and discovered the creepers old hand, and grabbed Dan's hand, the team eventually took of the hand.

Tashtego drove in the road as well with Tubbs talking over the radio to order his Team to shoot the creepers truck, however Tashtego warned them that every ricochets of the truck. But the team launched all their ammo on the truck but then they kill themselves, in shock Tashtego car explodes by the creepers bomb.

Tashtego looks at the Creeper Tashtego ,ordered Tubbs to get out of there. Then Tashtego gets on the truck, unable to move the gun and is jammed the creepers runs to him but Tashtego moves the gun and unleashes all the ammo on the creature. Black smoke comes off and knocks Dan on the floor, Tubbs looks in the distance only to look at the creepers getting up and seeing Dan's face stabbed by the creepers axe.


Dan is a very serious but ultimately well caring man, has spent years to take down the creeper for revenge for killing the towns folks. He has spent many attempts to hunt down the creepers not to tell information, but to get revenge on the folks he knew and cared