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Gaylen Brandon
Gaylen Brandon.jpg
Gender: Female
Age: Mid to late 50s
Status: Living
Relatives: Kenny Brandon (son)

Addison Brandon (granddaughter)

Actress: Meg Foster
First appearance: Jeepers Creepers 3
Last appearance: Jeepers Creepers 3

Gaylen Brandon is a supporting character in the film Jeepers Creepers 3. She is a grieving grandmother, having lost her son 23 years earlier to the Creeper. She remains on her farm with her granddaughter Addison Brandon.

Jeepers Creepers 3

In the opening scene of the film, 23 years earlier, Kenny Brandon witnesses the Creeper capturing another man. Although the man was captured, he managed to sever one of the Creeper's hands with his machete. Soon after, the Creeper's hand and machete fall from the sky and onto the hood of the truck.

Gaylen is first seen on her farm during a sunset and is visited by a vision of her deceased son. A crow perches itself on the porch railing and she walks across her lawn. She notices a figure on a hill waving to her. Gaylen approaches the man and it is revealed that it is her son, Kenny. His clothes are torn and tattered. The two have a conversation about "the thing" buried on the farm.

Kenny warning his mother of the Creeper's return

"It's coming and you can't be here when it does!"

~ Kenny warning his mother of the Creeper's immenint return.

Gaylen talking to Tashtego about the Creeper's hand

One day later, Gaylen digs up the Creeper's hand and places it on her backyard table. She examines the hand and eventually touches it. Because of this, she is suspended in the air by the incredible grasp of the hand and enters a hypnotic state. After the hand lets her go, she traps it inside a broken flower pot for Sheriff Tashtego and the Poho Police to inspect.


Gaylen is seen to be mentally unstable, most likely caused by her son's death at the hands of the Creeper. She is seen to have daydreams and visions of her injured son. It is apparent that she cared greatly for her son because of her constant sobbing and mood swings.


  • Gaylen is the first character to go into a hypnotic state caused by the Creeper's severed hand.
    • Tashtego is the second character to do so.
  • She is the second character to experience a vision/dream of a deceased victim of the Creeper.
    • Minxie Hayes is first character to experience this, though she was not related to the victim in her dream.