"This guy must have 5, maybe 600 bodies down there and I have seen em. Stuck up on the walls like some psycho version of the Sistine Chapel." ~Darry Jenner

The House of Pain

The House of Pain.

The House of Pain is the basement of the old Florida Crossroad Church on the intersection crossing Poho County.

It is the first known lair used in the 23rd spring of 2001 that Darry and Trish Jenner encounter before being pursued by the creeper.

It appears firstly and only in Jeepers Creepers before its incineration.

Jeepers Creepers

The house of pain only appeared in the first film. Darry investigates the house of pain after seeing what appeared to be dead bodies being thrown into it. There he finds several preserved dead bodies covering the walls and ceiling, some of which are up to two hundred years old. He becomes traumatized by the sight. Darry soon found his way out of the creeper's lair and meets up with Trish and they leave. The Creeper soon returns and realizes that someone has been snooping around his lair, the Creeper goes after the Jenner siblings, finding their car and discovering Darry was in his lair, which he goes back to. His suspicions confirmed, the Creeper burns all evidence of any bodies realizing pretty soon that he would be found out.

At the end of the movie, the creeper makes a new "house of pain".

The interior of the "house of pain" itself also contained what appeared to be old, wooden-geared machines, which would date them to around the 1750s (the last time wooden gears were commonly used in machinery) unless the Creeper created them himself. Numerous vials can also be seen, containing what are assumed to be embalming and preserving chemicals used to preserve the bodies adorning the walls.

Jeepers Creepers 2

Although not seen, the house is mentioned when the students on the school bus hear a radio news report on the grisly discovery found in the burnt wreckage.

Despite the building the house was built under being burnt, it is likely that some of the bodies were still preserved enough for the police to exhume and understand what they were dealing with. It was revealed that there were over 300 bodies in the house, and some of the corpses contained false teeth made out of wood, indicating that most of the corpses were over 200 years old, yet were unable to find any one complete body, as each one was missing either external limbs or internal organs, having been eaten by the Creeper.

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