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Jake Spencer
Basketball Player
Gender: Male
Age: 17-18
Status: Deceased
Relatives: Unknown
First appearance: Jeepers Creepers 2
Last appearance: Jeepers Creepers 2

Jake Spencer was one of the students who was on the bus in Jeepers Creepers 2. He was portrayed by Josh Hammond.

Jake was present when the coach was snatched by the Creeper, and witnessed Betty suffer the same fate, claiming that "she flew away".

He was also present to witness the death of Dante, who was decapitated by the Creeper.


When the group decided to abandon the bus, Jake was included. However, upon noticing the Creeper

Dead Jake and The Creeper weapon in his head

hovering above in the sky, he, along with the others, ran back to the bus, but were prevented from entering by Jonny.

The teens were promptly chased into a nearby field, and Jake was killed by the Creeper when it propelled a shuriken at him, lodging in the back of his head and killing him instantly.