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Jonny Young
Basketball Player
Gender: Male
Age: 16
Status: Alive
Relatives: Unknown
First appearance: Jeepers Creepers 2
Last appearance: Jeepers Creepers 2

Jonny Young is one of the teenagers who was in the bus in Jeepers Creepers 2. He was the youngest player on the basketball team. When the group of students decided to leave the bus, Jonny stayed behind and closed the doors. Sure enough, the Creeper returned and the students attempted to make it back onto the bus, only to discover the doors were locked. They all pounded on the windows for Jonny to let them in but he was frozen in fear.

Later, he and another student, Chelsea Farmer, hide on the bus when Bucky returns. The two try to keep their distance from him since the Creeper is interested in Bucky. The Creeper returns and attempts to grab Bucky but is stopped by the arrival of Jack Taggart Sr. The three watched helplessly inside the bus as Jack battled the Creeper. The bus was flipped over violently, but they manage to stay in one piece.

He is one of the survivors shown in the end.


Jonny is a weak and selfish coward person. when the other's left the bus, he locked them out and refused to let them in. Knowing they would lead the creeper away (though he let one girl in because he had a romantic attraction to her) when Bucky returns he shows no remorse for his actions trying to force him away but being much to cowardly to try.