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Kimball "Big K" Ward was a minor character in the film Jeepers Creepers 2. He was one of the Bannon Bantams basketball players returning via bus from winning the state basketball championship. He was portrayed by Kasan Butcher.

Kimball, the black guy in the front looking at the hole in the top of the bus

Jeepers Creepers 2

Big K is one of the Bannon High basketball players who becomes standed on east 9. He is best friends with Double D and usually sides with him when it comes to decision making. When The Creeper began sniffing out the students among the school bus he didn't show the least bit of interest in Big K even having him move aside as he looks at Double D as his next target. Big K is last seen running from The Creeper through a wide open field along with his other classmates.


  • A deleted scene reveals Kimball gets aroused by bus rides, likely from the vibrations registering in his nervous system as pleasure. He takes the bathroom break time to masturbate to relief his tension.