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Rhonda Truitt
Scott and Rhonda.jpg
Gender: Female
Age: 17-18
Status: Alive
Relatives: Scott Braddock - Boyfriend
Actress: Marieh Delfino
First appearance: Jeepers Creepers 2
Last appearance: Jeepers Creepers 2

Rhonda Truitt is one of the teenagers who was in Jeepers Creepers 2. She was portrayed by Marieh Delfino.


She was a cheerleader and was on the bus that was attacked by The Creeper. She listened to Scotty as he he complained about not getting as much playtime as some of the others. She was one of the students who witnessed her teachers being killed.

A while later, she taunts Bucky because the radio was not working.

Later, when The Creeper tries to pull Bucky's head, as well as the rest of him, out of the bus, Rhonda picks up a javelin, stabs it through the hole in the roof of the bus and manages to puncture the Creeper in the shoulder. When the Creeper tried to pull him through again, she shoves the javelin through the roof once more, she managed to cause the Creeper to let go of Bucky, with Double D sneaking under the hole shortly after and learning that Rhonda managed to take half it's head in the process.

After the group leaves the bus Scotty is pinned to a tree and she tries to free him along with D and Izzy but to no avail. After that they try to escape from The Creeper in an abandoned truck and Izzy shoves her out to save her before crashing the truck to wound The Creeper.