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He was in Jeepers Creepers 2 he was a college student not wearing a shirt that drove up to a cabin with a girl and a guy with a shirt. they appeared to be a 3 person gang. that the girl was his girl friend but he saw on the cabin said BAT OUT OF HELL $5 he saw a man standing there he was Jackie Jr. "Whats this?" he asked. "A creatures corpse." Jackie said "How did you kill it?" he asked. "My dad killed it." Jackie responded. "But how did he kill it?" he asked. "Thats 5 from you." Jackie said. The boy with a shirt asked a question, Jackie made him pay $5 also they got $10 total. Then they went in. The shirtless boy was about to touch the creeper when he saw it because he thought it was fake. "Dont touch it!" Jack Taggart Sr. said. in the cabin. The shirtless boy asked "You want us to believe that this thing is real?" "Really dont care." Jack Taggart Sr. said. "Well how did you kill it?" The shirtless boy asked. "I stabbed it in the heart." Jack taggart sr. said. "You waiting for something?" the shirtless boy asked. "Maybe a week, give it 1 day or 2." he responded.